Sunday, October 22, 2006

Not Yet Ranting!!!

I missed Diwali big time this year…. missed the sweetmeats, muruku, the pattas (actually I don’t miss the noise, but the lights and soundless stuff are pretty), dry fruit hampers, colours and everything… Dad said he did not buy sweets this year… That’s a lie! I know how much he loves sweets and is waiting for an excuse to buy sweets! He probably said it to make me feel like I’m not missing anything or he’s had a check up and the doc’s told him his sugar levels are touching the sky! But I’d like to think it is the former :-D! Heard about Diwali celebrations in some asharam some 45 minutes drive from where I’m staying. Too far to make it there.

This week was one of those I-wish-the-week-would-end-NOW kind of weeks. I ran out of instant coffee – my favourite – that I brought all the way from home. Had a fire accident in the kitchen when I was trying to heat something in the oven and there was smoke in the whole apartment luckily the smoke alarm did not go off. Missed Diwali but I already mopped about it enough. Weatherwise too it’s started turning cold here, but I’m getting used to it. Tried some Pad Thai that came in a ready to heat box and that is the worst Pad Thai I have ever tasted, even called the company and told them it tasted like spaghetti NOT Pad Thai!

The town is getting ready for Halloween. i see pumpkins of all kinds – quite literally, there is the real one i.e. the vegetable, ones made of cloth, nylon, rubber, plastic, glass, metal and every imaginable material. Next weekend should be interesting!

I think I’ve caught the Kodak itch again… been clicking anything and everything. I find it very therapeutic to go for long walks or bike, as long as my legs will let me, and I know it’s something I don’t have time for at home. I’m enjoying that and some evenings out with friends and coworkers! Wish my friends were here too!

Been reading blogs and finish reading couple of books I started few days ago. Waiter rant is turning out to be one of my favourite blogs. This guy is really good. He writes simple stuff, very matter of fact, slice of life and is very popular by the looks of it.

This other blog belongs to a girl from Baghdad. I smell a rat here… I don’t think it’s a 15-year-old girl’s blog at all. We Indians love conspiracy theories. Here is mine… I think it is one of those pro-war propaganda sites created by the US Army or some similar organization. Something is not right here... I’m going to research this some and find out what I can.

Hey, I don’t believe this but I just hear fire crackers go off somewhere at a distance… Is that a sign? It’s strange but I feel much perkier again.

Six weeks down and six more to gooooooooooo!!! Yyyyyaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!


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